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济南外国语学校 2020/07/16

Media Focus on Graduate Interviews

Tan Hanzhi, a student from JNFLS, Has a Big Imagination

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Tan Hanzhi

Class of 2020

University of Chicago

Creative writing and astrophysics pre-admission


Hanzhi’s words: calm down; thank the failure; do not ask the result; progress is more important.

Hanzhi talking about study

Tan Hanzhi, from Jinan Foreign Language School International Center, was admitted to the University of Chicago in the United States, majoring in creative writing and astrophysics. She is a talker and has her own unique ideas. She published her novel Li Gu independently when she was in Year 11, which is probably the most-wanted thing of writers.

Tan Hanzhi, who is often known as a top student or a student with excellent grades, when asked about how to define the term "outstanding student", said that this refers to the person who knows how to learn and has their own unique and suitable learning method. The learning methods of Tan Hanzhi are notes and self-control. Writing things down is stronger than memory alone. Be aware of the temptation to wander in diverse directions. In the face of life keep composure. Developing good self-control is also an important weapon to improve one’s learning efficiency.

Many of the contemporary students will procrastinate, not moving until the very last minute. Tan Hanzhi saying she couldn't avoid it, but her method to overcome it is to make plans. Most many people are not quite the same. Her daily amount of plans tends to be more than she actually can actually finish, but even completing only eighty percent of those plans allows her to achieve her learning goals.


Hanzhi talking about the overseas university

When it comes to the experience of applying to overseas universities, Tan believes that the biggest difference between overseas universities and domestic universities is that overseas universities pay more attention to the comprehensive examination of students, which tests their comprehensive qualities more, requiring students not only to improve their performance, but also to develop themselves in other ways. TOEFL and other scores are the most basic requirements. As for how to improve her foreign language ability, especially her oral English ability, Tan believes that the most important way is to immerse herself in the foreign language context with the help of American TV series and other ways. It is very important to have the courage to speak and be willing to speak.

In addition to the target schools need to prove to the world you are a thinker, and the way Tan choose to prove her ability is her own practice, such as writing a novel, taking part in the physics competition, starting clubs, the hard power of grade, and the soft power of well-roundedness. This school offers many to explore the possibility of both for her. As to how to stand out among many applicants to stand out, she stressed before the interview, the school, through the files, already has a general understanding of the student. The purpose of the interview to allow the student to prove herself, specifically her own ability and compatibility with the target school.


Hanzhi talking about interest and growth

Tan is a real fan of fiction, and reading novels is an important way for her to relax. She began to write novels in the first half of her junior year and became interested in science fiction in the second half of her junior year. She put her views on the world and answers to questions into words. She is proud and excited that the stories and characters resonate with her readers, and she hopes to illustrate her novels in the future. Her parents also fully understand her interests and hobbies and leave space for her. As for how to choose between study and daily interests, Tan believes that study should be put in first place, but it is not necessary to give up other interests completely in order to study. In order to balance the two, she will seize the time to complete the course tasks and spend the rest of the time doing what she likes. As for her future study expectations at the University of Chicago, Tan hopes to make more comprehensive improvements in courses in different fields. Writing is just a hobby for her at present, and she hopes that many of her ideas will become practical and effective in the future.



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