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济南外国语学校 2020/07/16

Media Focus on Graduate Interviews

JNFLS Student Qi Yunli ----- Dear to Set out


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Qi Yunli

Class of 2020

Cambridge University

Pre-admitted as Mathematics Major

Jinan Foreign Language School International Center’s "little mathematics prince", Qi Yunli, once won the SMC British mathematics competition gold medal.

When asked how he would define his excellent student tag, Qi was quite frank. He said that he just studied well, but nothing more. However, from the interview with Qi Yunli, I can feel that he is a very modest, polite, calm and rational boy. Whether in thought or in action, he seems to be one step ahead of others, which drives his excellence today.


He always know where to go

Qi Yunli thinks his secret is having clear goals. This early pursuit of learning, knowing what he likes and wants, is a key step towards his success. At the end of his first year in high school, he chose mathematics as his major. Under the advice and guidance of his teachers, on the one hand, he constantly explored his interests, studied basic knowledge and did extensive reading at the same time. On the other hand, he consciously exercised his academic ability and cooperated with his classmates to carry out project research.

Of course, the exploration of interests is not achieved overnight. Qi Yunli said that he was not sure which subject he liked at the beginning, and he had thought about studying biology. However, he later found that his love for biology was just due to his curiosity about unknown knowledge, so he decided to give up it. However, his persistence in mathematics is probably due to his personality. He enjoys more the pleasure of solving problems through his own independent thinking. For those who are still in a hazy state or do not know how to choose a major, Qi believes that it is best to have a general understanding of the subject first, and then think deeply about why you like the subject. What really suits you is the most important.

Qi thanks for his parents very much for their respect and support. "They encourage me to do what I want to do and spare no effort to help me, which enables me to better plan the direction and future I want to pursue."


He always know how to go

As an excellent student, Qi not only knows where he is heading, but also how to set off safely and effectively.

A high level of foreign language ability is a basic requirement for entering a famous foreign university. Qi also has his own set of foreign language learning methods. Accumulation and practice are important weapons. "It's really important for me to accumulate English," he shared. When the accumulation reaches a certain level, and with proper practice, all aspects of English will be greatly improved. English writing is also an essential training program. The improvement of my writing skills is of great help to me in other aspects, because writing can help me better sort out the habits and logic of English narration and expression."

Of course, life is not only "learning", but also needs to be adjusted to some recreational activities. On this point, like most of his classmates, Qi likes to stay at home and immerse himself in the world of music. It would be better to play a few games once in a while.


Qi Yunli's Cambridge Road

Although His primary goal was Cambridge University, Qi made room for himself in his application. He applied for five schools in total, but everything was prepared according to the exams of Cambridge University.

Qi Yunli believes that the most important thing in the preparation stage is to keep a steady mind and calm down. Because interviews are more about improvising, nervousness is a big deterrent. Maintain a steady state of mind and let thoughts be active, to ensure normal or extraordinary play. In the preparation stage, you must know more and dabble in it. When the interviewer asks you some unfamiliar things, you must pay attention to the connection with the knowledge you have already learned. Only through a thorough understanding can you fight the battle of the interview.

This special and unforgettable experience made him learn how to adjust his attitude. "Due to the great pressure and long time span of examination, nervousness and uneasiness often appeared. Knowing how to calm myself down quickly enabled me to find some methods of my own.” On the other hand, as for academics, because of the examination format of Cambridge University, he has to constantly improve his ability to think independently and find solutions to problems. Looking back on his application experience for more than a year, Qi Yunli believes that his greatest feeling lies in constantly pushing his own limits. He understands why Cambridge is so different, and the uniqueness of Cambridge is such that he strives to make breakthroughs for himself. In the future, Qi Yunli will continue to work hard and move bravely forward.

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